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Vietnam car imports triple in first seven months

January-July car imports increased 366 percent to 88,000 units, recovering from last year’s plunge caused by a tightening policy.

As Saigon blooms yellow, foreigners join multitudes on its streets

Visitors from all over the world are joining residents on Saigon streets as artificial and natural yellow bloom in profusion.

Apps race to attract customers with sweet deals

E-wallets, food-delivery and online shopping apps are offering a range of Tet (Lunar New Year Festival) promotions to widen their customer base.
January 25, 2019 | 05:01 pm GMT+7

​Writings and drawings draw thousands to a Saigon street

With Tet just 10 days away, the "Teacher" street in Saigon comes alive with calligraphers, their customers and curious visitors.
January 25, 2019 | 12:04 pm GMT+7

Spend money to make money, say $4,000 piggybanks

Hogging a lot of Tet season attention this year, the Year of the Pig, are limited edition piggybanks costing up to $4,303 each.
January 16, 2019 | 08:34 am GMT+7

Tet, Lunar New Year, an official holiday in California

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill recognizing the Lunar New Year as a day of special significance.
August 30, 2018 | 05:04 pm GMT+7

Men chase balls at bizarre northern Vietnamese festival

Check out how hundreds of men battled in a muddy field in search of lucky phet balls.
March 02, 2018 | 04:48 pm GMT+7

A journey through time: Old photos of Tet in Hanoi 90 years ago

Take a peek into the past to see how the cherished traditional Tet looked like.
February 19, 2018 | 01:15 pm GMT+7

Dogs in bags and boxes: Vietnamese pet owners solve long holiday headache in hilarious ways

Because everybody needs to be home for Tet.
February 18, 2018 | 06:00 pm GMT+7

Taiwanese artist creates mini dog sculptures for Lunar New Year

Chen Forng-Shean, who has been carving Chinese zodiac animals for 20 years, has created 1mm-long miniscule sculptures of dogs for the upcoming Year of the Dog.
February 14, 2018 | 04:22 pm GMT+7

For the year of Dog: Top dogs gather to get paws on prize at Westminster show in New York

As the Lunar Year of the Dog approaches, dog breeders and owners from around the world put their best feet and paws forward at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog show in New York City.
February 13, 2018 | 05:50 pm GMT+7

World's largest mass migration is on in China ahead of Lunar New Year

The 40-day travel frenzy began on February 1 and will last until March 12.
February 11, 2018 | 04:31 pm GMT+7

What to expect inside a Vietnamese temple

If you want your Vietnam experience to go beyond terraced fields and sun-kissed beaches...
February 06, 2017 | 06:00 pm GMT+7

From ant eggs to golden cakes: the Tet gifts Vietnamese are forking out in 2017

Wondering how to bribe your Vietnamese father-in-law? We've got you covered.
January 08, 2017 | 03:27 pm GMT+7

Rooftop Exchange Market - Tet Season

A three-week series of exchange market to celebrate Tet.
January 05, 2017 | 11:44 am GMT+7
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