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AAG undersea cable repairs done before schedule

Repair work on the disaster-prone AAG undersea cable was completed four days ahead of schedule, according to the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Internet speed in Vietnam vs. the world

Vietnam's internet speed ranks 75th in the world, lower than Malaysia and Thailand.

Full speed internet in Vietnam before World Cup final

Repair work on the vexed AAG cable is expected to be completed two days before the final match of the football World Cup.
July 10, 2018 | 12:48 pm GMT+7

Vietnam returns to normal internet speed after week-long overhaul

Repair work on the notorious AAG undersea cable has finished three days ahead of schedule.
June 04, 2018 | 04:59 pm GMT+7

Internet speed in Vietnam restored as repair takes shorter than expected

A telecom giant earlier said the work would take two to three weeks.
April 26, 2018 | 11:50 am GMT+7

Internet to slow through Vietnam’s holiday weekend as cable loses signals

Repair work would take from two to three weeks, a telecom firm said.
April 24, 2018 | 05:09 pm GMT+7

Internet hiccups in Vietnam as newly repaired undersea cable disrupted again

This is the fifth time that the infamous AAG has been disconnected this year.
November 07, 2017 | 09:43 pm GMT+7

Vietnam’s normal internet speed to return by late March

Internet service providers said the incident did not affect internet users much.
February 22, 2017 | 07:09 pm GMT+7
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