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Prisoner of the Century: “The court is playing with me by asking for receipts of damage”

Huynh Van Nen was wrongfully convicted of murder in 1999 and spent nearly 17 years in prison before his acquittal last year. On April 11, he and his ...

From life sentence to an $800,000 lawsuit: Prisoner of the Century's 17-year battle against the court

Huynh Van Nen is dubbed Prisoner of the Century for being the only person falsely charged for two counts of murder.

Prisoner of the Century files $800,000 lawsuit for false murder charges

Huynh Van Nen and his family have filed a lawsuit at Binh Thuan province People's Court for two false murder charges that kept him in prison for nearly 17 years.
April 12, 2016 | 07:23 pm GMT+7
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