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Australia hints at possible World Cup boycott over nerve agent attack

Australia is the latest country to join governments across Europe in punishing the Kremlin over alleged poisoning of an ex-Russian spy.

Vietnam tries to whip Communist Party into shape with tough new anti-dissent rule

Expulsion is the harshest penalty facing members who do not toe the Party line.

Russia's Putin decides against expelling U.S. diplomats in response to sanctions

Putin said he would consider the actions of President-elect Donald Trump when deciding on further steps in Russia-U.S. relations.
December 30, 2016 | 09:34 pm GMT+7

Chinese tourists with bad behavior will be deported: Vietnamese minister

Chinese tour guides and travelers who insult Vietnamese culture and history could be fined and deported. 
July 09, 2016 | 07:55 am GMT+7
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