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UNDP teams up with Vietnamese start-up hub to drive social innovation

The U.N. Development Program has announced a partnership with the start-up incubator Hatch Ventures to facilitate innovative action for social good among Vietnam's youth.

Who will pay for HIV/AIDS treatment in Vietnam?

Health insurance will foot the bill when international donors withdraw funding.

Hanoi sets growth target of 9 percent by 2020

The capital has set macroeconomic, social and environmental targets for 2016-2020.
August 04, 2016 | 10:44 am GMT+7

World Bank: inequality threatens fight against extreme poverty

Inequality is a key foe of ending poverty.
October 03, 2016 | 08:14 am GMT+7

Vietnamese mega-cities scouring for mega-funding on infrastructure drive

Hanoi and Saigon are in need of billions to keep up with economic growth.
May 16, 2017 | 03:41 pm GMT+7

Five major roads that are driving the future of Hanoi

The following million dollar projects are set to become major arteries when they are all open to traffic at the end of this year.
June 07, 2017 | 09:38 am GMT+7

Saigon's first metro line steams through city's green canopy

Then and now: How the city center has been transformed.
June 25, 2017 | 02:49 pm GMT+7

Developing countries urged to act now to prevent technology exacerbating poverty

Increasing automation in industries risks leaving large numbers unemployed and widening inequality gaps.
August 08, 2017 | 08:55 am GMT+7

Gov't agrees to give HCMC more autonomy

The city will have authority over 'certain matters' which are currently controlled by ministries and other central government units.
September 07, 2017 | 11:49 am GMT+7

Saigon market vendors protest stalled upgrade work after handing over $9.8 mln to authorities

It's been four years since the market's 2,000-plus vendors managed to cobble the money together, but all they've seen is customers walking away.
September 19, 2017 | 05:23 pm GMT+7

This crumbling mess is why hundreds of Saigon vendors are protesting

Repair work has been delayed on the city's main wet market despite vendors paying authorities $9.5 million to get started.
September 22, 2017 | 03:04 pm GMT+7

Portraits of Vietnam's eye-opening education divide

City kids have computers and TVs in their schools, but some countryside students are even short of fresh water. 
October 01, 2017 | 10:30 am GMT+7

Vietnam fines resort $4,600 for filling in part of world-renowned bay

Tourism overkill is threatening to destroy the environment in Nha Trang.
October 05, 2017 | 12:09 pm GMT+7

China biotech's 'coming out party' masks long road ahead

Investments pouring into China's pharma. 
October 20, 2017 | 08:13 am GMT+7

Vietnam’s business environment changing for the better: European commerce chamber

Average GDP growth of over 6 percent in the past 20 years indicates Vietnam is moving forward.
March 22, 2018 | 10:44 am GMT+7
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