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Denmark world's happiest country, Burundi least: new report shows

ROME, March 16 - Denmark overtook Switzerland as the world's happiest place, according to a report on Wednesday that urged nations regardless of wealth to tackle inequality and protect the environment.

Denmark to build new Hans Christian Andersen Museum

The hometown of Hans Christian Andersen reveals plans to build a gigantic fairytale museum for the most translated writer in the world.

Musicians in aquariums make sounds in a silent world

'I think that what the water gives is that special kind of timbre that you can't get in air.'
April 24, 2017 | 10:34 am GMT+7

Swedish journalist torso found in Denmark: police

Danish police identified a torso found on the shores of Copenhagen as that of missing Swedish reporter Kim Wall.
August 24, 2017 | 08:20 am GMT+7

Danish police find decapitated head of Swedish journalist

Prosecutors believe a Danish submarine inventor killed Kim Wall as part of a sexual fantasy.
October 07, 2017 | 06:55 pm GMT+7

Danish inventor says journalist died from toxic fumes on sub

Peter Madsen is on trial for alleged gruesome murder of journalist Kim Wall in his homemade submarine.
March 08, 2018 | 10:47 pm GMT+7

Danish submariner to receive verdict over journalist murder

The autopsy concluded she probably died of suffocation or a slit throat after she was sexually abused, but could not confirm the exact cause of death.
April 25, 2018 | 09:14 am GMT+7

Six killed in train accident on bridge in Denmark

Six people were killed in a train accident on a bridge in Denmark on Wednesday, train operator DSB said.
January 02, 2019 | 05:06 pm GMT+7
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