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Cubans pay tribute to 'Che' on 50th anniversary of his death

Che's legacy lives on after five decades since his death

As Floridians face Irma's wrath, Cubans swim through its aftermath

The 125-mile-per-hour hurricane that tore through the Cuban coastline on Saturday has turned Havana into one big ...

Hurricane Irma leaves trail of destruction in the Caribbean

Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful Atlantic storms in a century, lashed the Caribbean as it makes its way towards the Bahamas, Cuba and southern Florida.
September 09, 2017 | 12:27 pm GMT+7

Live concert: One Night in Cuba

A Cuban night in Hanoi.
August 15, 2017 | 10:30 am GMT+7

Cuban graffiti artists go up the walls in Havana

As Cuba is opening up, young graffiti artists climb up the walls of Havana to express their thoughts and feelings.
August 10, 2017 | 08:17 am GMT+7

Fidel Castro made a rare public appearance

In a rare appearance outside his home, 89-year-old former Cuban President Fidel Castro visits a school named after his late sister-in-law Vilma Espin, in Havana to mark her ...
April 08, 2016 | 02:19 pm GMT+7

Fidel Castro, 89, makes rare public appearance

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro made a rare appearance outside of his home on Thursday, visiting a school in Havana to mark the birthday of his sister-in-law, a revolutionary ...
April 08, 2016 | 08:09 am GMT+7