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Southern Hanoi encounters huge traffic jams as holiday starts

Hanoi’s southern gateways to provinces experienced huge traffic jams late Friday with cars and motorbikes lining up for tens of kilometers as people rushed away from the capital for their three-day holiday starting Saturday.

Hanoi plans parking restrictions to ease congestion

Private vehicles may be allowed to park only on one side of the road, depending on whether it's an odd or even day.

Hanoi motorbike ban unfeasible: traffic safety official

The ban would be impossible due mainly to undeveloped and insufficient public transport.
October 08, 2016 | 07:08 am GMT+7

HCMC plans $652-million elevated road to ease traffic congestion

It will serve as the backbone for a series of highways in the sky.
December 08, 2016 | 09:50 pm GMT+7

Roadwork brings Saigon to standstill

Construction barriers have added insult to injury in a city already plagued by gridlock.
December 22, 2016 | 05:57 pm GMT+7

Hanoi offers $200,000 prize to solve worsening traffic jams

The capital seeks public opinions to unblock the gridlock as the city cannot keep up with the rapidly growing number of personal vehicles.
January 12, 2017 | 10:09 pm GMT+7

Can cable cars solve traffic headache for Saigon airport?

A company told the city officials its ‘subway in the sky’ idea is a cheap solution.
January 14, 2017 | 01:29 pm GMT+7

Congestion: Hanoi vs. Ho Chi Minh City

We all know Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are seriously jammed. But where are you more likely to get seriously stuck?
January 20, 2017 | 02:00 am GMT+7

Who you gonna call? Vietnam's traffic vigilantes

When police are nowhere to be found, the unmasked hero is there on hand.
January 20, 2017 | 05:34 pm GMT+7

Vietnam puts $860-million upgrade plan at Saigon airport on the runway

The plan will allow Tan Son Nhat to handle 45 million passengers annually.
January 20, 2017 | 10:05 pm GMT+7

Saigon streets jammed as migrants rush home for Tet

A road in Ho Chi Minh City experienced a seven-kilometer long traffic jam.
January 22, 2017 | 10:27 pm GMT+7

Peaceful Da Lat gets congested as Vietnam's Tet holiday ends

Tens of thousands have come to spend their first days of the lunar year here. 
February 01, 2017 | 02:50 pm GMT+7

Saigon seeks to ease congestion near airport with overpasses

Construction of two new overpasses worth $33 million should be completed within six months, officials say.
February 08, 2017 | 08:03 pm GMT+7

Saigon announces first river bus services to ease road congestion

City officials believe it's time to make better use of the network of waterways to reduce pressure on congested streets.
February 17, 2017 | 10:21 am GMT+7

Think you’ve got it bad in Vietnam? Here’re the 5 countries with the worst traffic

The new ‘global’ study by INRIX somehow does not gather data from Vietnam.
February 22, 2017 | 12:00 am GMT+7
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