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World’s most wired cities have money, ideas and wide internet reach

A few extra-keen cities in developed countries are using internet technology to cut energy bills, fight crime and ease traffic congestion. 

Growing chorus denounces sexist Silicon Valley culture

'The power dynamic that exists in venture capital is despicably unfair.'

Microsoft says cyberattack should be wake up call for governments

'The governments of the world should treat this attack as a wake up call.'
May 15, 2017 | 08:14 am GMT+7

Australia admits government hack attacks, boosts cyber security

Australia unveiled a multi-billion-dollar cyber scheme to combat hacking on Thursday, as Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull acknowledged an attack on the country's weather bureau last year but stopped short of blaming it on China.
April 21, 2016 | 11:58 am GMT+7
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