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South Korea becomes top car exporter to Vietnam

South Korea was the biggest supplier of cars to Vietnam in 2015 with more than 26,000 units, up 58 percent year on year, and accounting for 21 percent of total imports, according to data from Vietnam Customs.

Special consumption tax on luxury cars to rise sharply this July

National Assembly approved changes in Law on Special Consumption Tax. The new tax rates are coming into effect on July 1.

Chinese billionaire to redefine cars as smart device

Tomorrow's cars will be all-electric, self-driving, connected to high-speed communications networks ... and free. And probably Chinese.
April 25, 2016 | 08:39 am GMT+7

China runs fast in self-driving cars race

In the race to develop self-driving cars, the United States and Europe lead in technology, but China is coming up fast in the outside lane with a regulatory structure that could put it ahead in the popular adoption of autonomous cars on its highways and city streets.
April 23, 2016 | 09:32 am GMT+7

"Borrowed" luxury car lands Vietnamese government official in hot water

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has ordered an investigation into a newly-elected delegate of the National Assembly after he was spotted driving a Lexus 570 to work.
June 10, 2016 | 03:09 pm GMT+7

Volkswagen to pay $86 mln in penalties to California over emissions scandal

The scandal has disrupted Volkswagen's global business and sullied its reputation.
July 08, 2016 | 07:41 am GMT+7

What four-wheelers in Vietnam should know to avoid trouble

Take notes or at least print this infographic for future reference if you drive a car in Vietnam.
August 10, 2016 | 04:34 pm GMT+7

Vietnamese mechanic wows motorheads with extreme car makeover

Tran Van Kim, a mechanic from Vietnam's Central Highlands, has tranformed a rusty old Nissan into a lookalike of British darling the Shelby Cobra.
August 26, 2016 | 06:06 pm GMT+7

How the internationally wanted Trinh Xuan Thanh rose to power

Trinh Xuan Thanh used to be the chairman of PetroVietnam Construction Corporation, which incurred losses of around VND3.2 trillion ($147 million) under his watch.
September 17, 2016 | 11:04 am GMT+7

Choking streets force Hanoi to mull ban on more vehicles from city center

The only problem is the city's pulic transport system is sadly lacking.
September 20, 2016 | 02:07 pm GMT+7

Hanoi hits speed bump on road to motorbike-free city

The buzz of motorbike engines could fade from the city by 2025.
September 21, 2016 | 01:37 pm GMT+7

Hanoi plans parking restrictions to ease congestion

Private vehicles may be allowed to park only on one side of the road, depending on whether it's an odd or even day.
September 30, 2016 | 09:22 am GMT+7

Hanoi motorbike ban unfeasible: traffic safety official

The ban would be impossible due mainly to undeveloped and insufficient public transport.
October 08, 2016 | 07:08 am GMT+7

13-year-old ‘driver’ causes chaos on bus rampage in northern Vietnam

Luckily nobody died, but one girl was injured after being knocked off her bicycle.
October 21, 2016 | 02:08 pm GMT+7

Hanoi to ration parking spaces on downtown streets

For now, only car users will have to worry about the new restrictions on certain streets.
November 04, 2016 | 02:27 pm GMT+7
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