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Canada allows French beef imports to continue after mad cow case

Canada will refrain from banning French beef imports even though a case of mad cow disease was confirmed at a farm in the European country, Ottawa said Thursday.

Former Canadian Cabinet minister killed in plane crash

MONTREAL - Former Canadian Cabinet minister Jean Lapierre died on Tuesday in a plane crash that also killed his wife and three of his siblings on the way to his father's funeral in eastern Quebec.

Cheap tire innovation could boost Zika control

Researchers said Thursday they have found a way to fashion a cheap mosquito trap out of old tires that can collect thousands of eggs that may carry the Zika virus.
April 12, 2016 | 08:37 am GMT+7

U.S., other countries call for urgent action on steel overcapacity

The United States and seven other countries on Tuesday called for urgent action to address global steel overcapacity, a day after major steel producing countries failed to agree on measures to tackle an industry crisis.
April 20, 2016 | 08:06 am GMT+7

Canadian Rail trestle bridge goes up in flames

Canadian police are investigating whether a fire that destroyed a rail trestle bridge near Mayerthorpe, Alberta, was intentionally set.
April 28, 2016 | 09:16 am GMT+7

Wildfire in Canada's Fort Mac forces thousands to flee

Alberta is racing to evacuate thousands of people as an uncontrolled wildfire burns near Fort McMurray, in the heart of Canada's oil sands region, forcing residents to flee north to safety on Tuesday.
May 04, 2016 | 08:23 am GMT+7

Abu Sayyaf hostages in Philippines plead for help

New video purports to show three hostages kidnapped by Abu Sayaff Islamist militants in the southern Philippines pleading to their governments for help, after a fellow hostage was beheaded last week.
May 04, 2016 | 11:45 am GMT+7

Thousands flee Canada wildfire

Canadian authorities evacuate thousands of people as a wildfire rages near Fort McMurray in the heart of the nation's oil sands region.
May 04, 2016 | 06:08 pm GMT+7

Time-lapse video shows raging Canada wildfire

Time-lapse video shows a wildfire raging out of control in the remote western Canadian city of Fort McMurray, Alberta forcing the biggest evacuation in the area's history.
May 05, 2016 | 02:56 pm GMT+7

Oil prices hit hard as Canadian wildfire shows no signs of waning

Oil prices surge after raging wildfire hit Canada's oil sands region, cutting as much as one-third of the country's daily crude capacity.
May 07, 2016 | 08:49 am GMT+7

Canada fire rages for seventh day, evacuees set for long wait

The raging Alberta wildfire is set to grow rapidly in size, as residents are evacuated to hundreds of miles away in a sign from officials that the crisis in Canada's energy heartland could drag on.
May 09, 2016 | 08:04 am GMT+7

Canada getting on top of Alberta wildfire

Canadian officials on Sunday showed some optimism for the first time that they were beginning to get on top of the country's most destructive wildfire in recent memory, as favorable weather helped firefighters and winds took the flames southeast, away from oil sands boomtown Fort McMurray.
May 09, 2016 | 08:05 am GMT+7

Trudeau to visit fire-ravaged Canadian city

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he plans to visit Fort McMurray, the western Canadian city that has been ravaged by wildfires, to witness the devastation first-hand.
May 10, 2016 | 09:13 am GMT+7

Canada to introduce legislation to protect transgender people

Canada will introduce legislation to protect transgender people from discrimination, the prime minister said on Monday, as the political debate around such rights heats up in the United States.
May 17, 2016 | 08:18 am GMT+7

Vietnamese exports to Canada surpass rest of Southeast Asia

Vietnam’s export value to Canada over the first quarter of this year hit $836.1 million, making the country the largest supplier of goods to Canada in Southeast Asia.
June 01, 2016 | 02:05 pm GMT+7
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