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H’Hen Nie heads Top 10 Timeless Beauty shortlist

Vietnam’s ethnic minority beauty queen has surpassed Miss World and Miss International on a Timeless Beauty shortlist.

Miss Spain breaking barriers as first transgender Miss Universe hopeful

Miss Spain's Angela Ponce is blazing a trail as the first transgender contestant in Miss Universe's 66-year history.

Should Vietnam abolish beauty pageants?

With a media storm swirling around an ongoing beauty pageant for being insensitive to flood victims, we ask what the point of these contests is.
November 07, 2017 | 06:40 pm GMT+7

Vietnam to keep Paradise Cave off global beauty contest over safety concerns

The proposal to use the cave as venue for a beauty contest has been rejected following concerns among locals and conservationists.
April 18, 2017 | 10:29 am GMT+7

Beauty pageant contestant wins prize in Egypt after renounced by Vietnam

The culture ministry never allowed Nguyen Thi Thanh to represent the country. On Friday she was named a Miss Eco runner-up.
April 15, 2017 | 06:00 pm GMT+7

Mister and Miss Chicken: Inside the poultry beauty contest in Vietnam

Farmers bring their best birds to the first national contest for the Dong Tao chicken breed, which is prized for its meat.
January 04, 2017 | 02:00 pm GMT+7

Derided at home, Vietnam contestant’s dress wins best costume at int’l beauty pageant

The head-turning 44-kilogram dress has been the subject of harsh criticism over the past few weeks.
December 03, 2016 | 06:00 pm GMT+7

Government bans 'immoral' images on the internet

Entertainers, beauty pageant contestants and models must adhere to Vietnam’s cultural, moral and ethical values. Failure to do so may result in a title or prize being stripped.
March 17, 2016 | 02:02 pm GMT+7

The weirdest beauty pageant of Vietnam

There is no swimsuit round and no questions from the judges in this beauty contest, just the quest to find the most outstanding purebred Dong Tao chicken, a unique Vietnamese breed famous for its freakishly big thighs and red skin.
February 27, 2016 | 01:13 pm GMT+7
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