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Washington sets aside divisions as US bids farewell to Bush

A divided Washington led by the nation's five living presidents attended a the state funeral on Wednesday of George Herbert Walker Bush, as America bade farewell to its 41st president.

Two presidents honor McCain at funeral as Trump heads to golf club

Two ex-presidents from opposing parties united Saturday to honor U.S. senator John McCain.

Europeans work to save Iran deal, and business, after Trump pulls out

"The deal is not dead. There’s an American withdrawal from the deal but it is still there.”
May 10, 2018 | 07:58 am GMT+7

Trump abandons 'defective' Iran nuclear deal, will revive sanctions

Trump’s decision intensifies the strain on the trans-Atlantic alliance since he took office.
May 09, 2018 | 08:27 am GMT+7

Bill Gates, Obama and Elizabeth II among most admired persons in Vietnam

A majority of people that are most applauded in Vietnam are foreigners.
April 15, 2018 | 02:18 pm GMT+7

Obama says world leaders want to move forward with TPP

'Our partners made clear they want to move forward with TPP,' said U.S. President Obama.
November 21, 2016 | 01:30 pm GMT+7

Trump doesn't rule out 'amended' Obamacare

'Either Obamacare will be amended, or repealed and replaced.'
November 12, 2016 | 10:07 am GMT+7

Obama, Trump hold 'excellent' White House talks

Trump called Obama "a very good man".
November 11, 2016 | 08:57 am GMT+7

Cambodian PM Hun Sen backs U.S. Republican candidate Trump

'If Trump wins, the world will change and may be in a good situation because Trump is a businessman so he doesn't want war.'
November 03, 2016 | 03:04 pm GMT+7

Obama, Singapore leader push for TPP in state visit

The two leaders made sales pitches for a Pacific Rim trade deal that both U.S. presidential candidates have derided and that has been stalled in Congress.
August 04, 2016 | 09:09 am GMT+7

Japan: Re-drafting would shatter the glass-like TPP trade deal

American presidential candidates are turning their backs on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and pushing to rewrite the deal. Japan has become the first country member to make a firm stand against renegotiating the trade pact. Australia and other pact participants are roughly on the same page with Japan.
July 02, 2016 | 12:06 pm GMT+7

Obama to make history, stirs debate with Hiroshima visit

Barack Obama will on Friday becomes the first U.S. president to visit Hiroshima, site of the world's first atomic bombing, a gesture Washington and Tokyo hope will showcase their alliance and breathe life into stalled efforts to abolish nuclear arms.
May 27, 2016 | 08:13 am GMT+7

VietJet and Pratt&Whitney take off with $3 billion airplane engine deal

Vietnam-based budget airline VietJet Air signed a $3.04 billion contract with engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney on Monday in Hanoi witnessed by U.S. President President Barack Obama and Vietnamese State President Tran Dai Quang.
May 23, 2016 | 02:44 pm GMT+7

VietJet and Boeing sign $11.3 billion airplane sales deal

VietJet Aviation Joint Stock Co. and Boeing on Monday agreed on a deal for 100 aircraft worth $11.3 billion, the largest ever single commercial airplane purchase in Vietnam's aviation history.
May 23, 2016 | 11:14 am GMT+7

The timeline of U.S. - Vietnam post-war relationship

In 1990, Vietnam and the U.S. got together for the first time since the war ended to discuss normalizing bilateral relations. Fast forward 26 years, and Barack Obama is the third U.S. president to visit Vietnam.
May 21, 2016 | 12:58 pm GMT+7
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