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Hanoi's 'banh mi': an unexpected evolution

When it comes to ‘banh mi’, Hanoi doesn’t follow any pattern. Elsewhere, it’s a race among those producing the same, traditional forms of the classic sandwich, but in Hanoi, it’s an exhibition of mutants.

Hoi An, an ancient outpost turned Instagram heaven

The ancient city of Hoi An says it best with its serene beauty and gastronomy that drives many here and keeps others coming back for more.

Chilli salt grilled 'banh mi': summer doesn't seem hot enough

Literally the hottest thing at the moment, the chilli salt grilled bread is taking Saigon by storm, getting every street food professional to have their own grab at the latest craze of summer.
June 16, 2016 | 10:29 pm GMT+7

Why we chose to move to Hanoi

Gaspard, a French digital nomad, shares why he and his girlfriend chose to leave Bangkok for Hanoi.
July 09, 2016 | 10:56 pm GMT+7

Eat and drink in Da Lat

Vietnamese street food and drink heavens are not exlusive to Hanoi and Saigon. Da Lat offers its own twist of delicious. 
August 03, 2016 | 08:28 am GMT+7

Beyond the baguette: France's food legacy in Vietnam

Banh mi are a delicious symbol of Vietnam's lasting links with its former occupiers.
September 04, 2016 | 03:24 pm GMT+7

Saigon's banh mi hailed among the kings and queens of street foods

The best place to eat one is on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City.
November 12, 2016 | 02:23 pm GMT+7

Five Vietnamese dishes that have got global gourmets talking

Let's rule out 'pho' and sample the rising stars of Vietnamese cuisine.
March 25, 2017 | 12:00 am GMT+7

5 reasons the world needs an emoji for Vietnamese 'banh mi' now

The 2017 emojis list has a glaring omission: our beloved, yummy baguette.
March 30, 2017 | 04:03 pm GMT+7

For the top 5 banh mi in Saigon, follow the locals

Long lines of customers are a dead giveaway for a true taste of the city’s delicious street food.
August 01, 2017 | 09:00 pm GMT+7

Australian PM gets his first taste of Vietnamese banh mi in Da Nang

Malcolm Turnbull took a stroll with celebrity chef Luke Nguyen and grabbed a bite to eat from a street vendor.
November 10, 2017 | 05:21 pm GMT+7

Breakfast of champions: 5 Saigon dishes to kick-start your day

Take your time and dig in to the rising stars of Vietnamese breakfast cuisine.
May 03, 2018 | 10:00 pm GMT+7

Nearly 90, Saigon street cart selling banh mi pate is an institution

Some days, Bay Ho banh mi sells out all its pate sandwiches in just three hours.
May 31, 2018 | 01:47 pm GMT+7

S Korean eating star’s seal of approval for Vietnamese banh mi, coffee

Yang Soobin, a mukbang, or ‘eating broadcast,’ superstar with 1 million YouTube subscribers, has given a thumbs up to the typical Vietnamese breakfast.
September 23, 2018 | 03:45 pm GMT+7

A giant bread in Vietnam among world’s 15 weirdest foods

A meter long bread in An Giang has caught global attention as one of the world’s most bizarre foods.
October 10, 2018 | 10:29 am GMT+7
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