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Amazon-Uber food fight means empty bellies for all

The jury is out on whether there is any money to be made ferrying hot meals to time-poor urbanites.

Amazon to expand real-world store presence

Amazon on Wednesday unveiled plans to open more bookstores and "4-star" shops selling only the best-rated products, while closing its smaller "pop-up" kiosks in the U.S.

Amazon to train Vietnamese small firms in e-commerce

Amazon will train 100 Vietnamese businesses to develop their business on its platform.
February 23, 2019 | 09:00 am GMT+7

Amazon offers Vietnamese products route to global market

Amazon is collaborating with Vietnam’s trade ministry to sell the country’s products on its system globally.
January 15, 2019 | 02:00 pm GMT+7

Japan anti-trust authorities to investigate tech giants

Japan's anti-trust authorities will probe whether tech giants such as Google and Amazon are using their  obstructing competition.
November 02, 2018 | 08:54 am GMT+7

Amazon, Alibaba seek Vietnamese sellers

E-commerce giants Amazon and Alibaba are looking to sign up more Vietnamese sellers for their online marketplace.
October 03, 2018 | 10:10 am GMT+7

Vietnam PayTV firms face a Facebook football threat

The government should not allow Facebook to stream English Premier League matches, an alarmed Vietnam Pay TV Association says.
September 17, 2018 | 09:38 am GMT+7

American entrepreneur finds Vietnam the right place at the right time

Erik Frankel has perfectly timed a business that works with small Vietnamese businesses to reap the benefits of e-commerce.
September 05, 2018 | 08:51 am GMT+7

Behold the Amazonian eco-warrior drag queen

A gay biologist is fighting for the environment and inspiring children to do so in the most indigenous way he could.
July 27, 2018 | 03:40 pm GMT+7

Rights group hits Amazon, Foxconn over China labor conditions

Excessive hours, low wages, inadequate training and an overreliance on temporary workers show law violation.
June 11, 2018 | 07:56 am GMT+7

Amazon to double down on groceries; foray deeper into fresh produce in India

'Probably in the next five years groceries and consumables would be more than half of our business.'
April 23, 2018 | 08:53 am GMT+7

Global e-commerce giants willing to take a hit to expand market share in Vietnam

Companies can see the long-term potential of the country's rapidly expanding online shopping sector. 
March 14, 2018 | 12:16 pm GMT+7

Amazon set to wade into Vietnam’s fast-flowing e-commerce market

The American giant is ready to sign a deal to open its platforms up to Vietnamese exports.
March 06, 2018 | 03:29 pm GMT+7

Retailers brace as Amazon launches in Australia

'We believe Amazon's full entry into Australia will likely be a success,' UBS analysts said.
December 05, 2017 | 08:00 am GMT+7

Hundreds of cities bid to become home to second Amazon HQ

It's the prize of a lifetime - a $5 billion investment creating 50,000 well-paid jobs that everyone wants, but only one city will get.
October 24, 2017 | 08:46 am GMT+7
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