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Vietnam’s magnificent six in AFF Cup 2018 team

Fox Sports has picked six members of Vietnamese men’s football team in their team of the tournament.

Football cements South Korea’s ‘New Southern Policy’

Park Hang-seo and the AFF Championship has been a godsend for South Korean diplomacy in Vietnam.

Unforgettable: Vietnam’s AFF Cup 2018 journey

Vietnam is the best football team in Southeast Asia again, and their journey back to the top was remarkable.
December 17, 2018 | 12:44 pm GMT+7

South Korean leader hails Vietnam AFF Cup victory

Korean President Moon Jae-in has congratulated Vietnam for winning football’s AFF Cup.
December 17, 2018 | 09:48 am GMT+7

Goalkeeper Dang Van Lam scores an 'own goal'!

Born and raised far away, the young man’s publicly declared goal and dream was to play for Vietnam.
December 16, 2018 | 06:18 pm GMT+7

Rewards rain on Vietnamese football team after AFF Cup win

Several companies have responded to the Vietnamese men’s football team’s AFF Cup win with a spate of rewards.
December 16, 2018 | 04:07 pm GMT+7

International media lauds Vietnam’s AFF Cup win

Vietnam’s victory in AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 has made headlines in Asian and international publications.
December 16, 2018 | 03:21 pm GMT+7

How Vietnam celebrated the AFF Cup 2018 victory

A carnival bloomed on Vietnamese streets as bedecked cars, costumed fans and mega drums went on a spontaneous parade.
December 16, 2018 | 02:01 pm GMT+7

AFF Final: Snapshots from a memorable victory

A solitary goal in the second leg of the AFF Cup 2018 final saw Vietnam lift the trophy after a gap of 10 years.
December 16, 2018 | 08:18 am GMT+7

Coach Park Hang-seo dedicates AFF Cup win to Vietnamese fans

Park Hang-seo, coach of the Vietnamese men’s football team, Saturday dedicated their AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 victory to their diehard fans.
December 16, 2018 | 12:20 am GMT+7

Vietnamese midfielder is best player of AFF Suzuki Cup 2018

Nguyen Quang Hai was chosen Most Valuable Player of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2018, which ended Saturday with Vietnam as champions.
December 15, 2018 | 11:41 pm GMT+7

Vietnam goes into raptures as AFF Cup comes home

Elation exploded across the nation as Vietnam won the AFF Suzuki Cup 2018, ending a 10-year wait.
December 15, 2018 | 09:33 pm GMT+7

Vietnam write history, win AFF championship

Entire nation is going to have a sleepless night as Vietnam won the AFF cup after an excellent return game against Malaysia.
December 15, 2018 | 07:00 pm GMT+7

Pulses race as Vietnam-Malaysia AFF Cup final gets going

Vietnamese and Malaysian fans are on the edge of their seats as the last game of the AFF Cup begins.
December 15, 2018 | 04:32 pm GMT+7

As Vietnam coming close to AFF championship, dinosaur joins the storm in Saigon

The moving dinosaur will roam the streets this Saturday to support Vietnam at the final AFF Cup game against Malaysia.
December 15, 2018 | 04:00 pm GMT+7
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