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Opponents’ coach praises Hanoi FC midfielder for outstanding performance

Altyn Asyr coach Yazguly Hojageldiyev has lavished praise on Nguyen Quang Hai after the first leg of the AFC Cup interzone semifinal.

Hanoi beat Altyn Asyr in first leg of AFC Cup interzone semis

Hanoi FC won against Turkmen Altyn Asyr in the AFC Cup interzone semifinals's first leg Tuesday with two goals from star midfielder Nguyen Quang Hai.

Defender trouble plagues Hanoi FC ahead of AFC Cup interzone semis

Ahead of their AFC Cup interzone semifinal clash with Turkmen side Altyn Asyr, Hanoi FC is running through defenders at an alarming rate.
August 20, 2019 | 01:54 pm GMT+7

Key defender to miss AFC Cup semis, Thailand clash

Left-back Doan Van Hau will sit out five weeks with a knee injury and miss important games, as hectic workload on the country's footballers is taking its toll.
August 20, 2019 | 07:45 am GMT+7

Hanoi FC eye AFC Cup glory after qualifying heroics

Having advanced to the AFC Cup interzone semi-finals after winning the all-Vietnamese zonal final, Hanoi FC are now switching their focus to it.
August 09, 2019 | 10:14 am GMT+7

Hanoi advance to AFC Cup interzone semifinals after beating Binh Duong

Hanoi FC beat Becamex Binh Duong 2-0 on aggregrate and enter the AFC Cup interzone semifinals.
August 07, 2019 | 06:46 pm GMT+7

AFC Cup: Hanoi FC beat Binh Duong in first leg of ASEAN zone final

A penalty earned Hanoi FC 1-0 victory over Becamex Binh Duong in the first leg of the AFC Cup ASEAN zone final Wednesday.
July 31, 2019 | 04:55 pm GMT+7

Six notable players in AFC Cup ASEAN zone final

These key players will lead the all-Vietnam final of AFC Cup's ASEAN zone, between Hanoi FC and Becamex Binh Duong, on Wednesday.
July 31, 2019 | 03:58 pm GMT+7

AFC Cup: Full house expected as Vietnamese clubs clash in ASEAN zone final

Tickets for AFC Cup’s ASEAN zone final featuring an all Vietnam cast on Wednesday night have been sold out, stadium managers say.
July 30, 2019 | 06:00 pm GMT+7

Becamex Binh Duong reach AFC Cup zonal final on away goal

It will be an all-Vietnam AFC Cup zonal final after Becamex Binh Duong qualified despite losing in the second leg of the semifinals.
June 27, 2019 | 09:17 am GMT+7

Vietnam club advance to AFC Cup zonal final

Hanoi FC entered the zonal final of the AFC Cup with a 2-1 victory over Filipino Ceres Negros in their second leg semifinal at home.
June 26, 2019 | 09:39 am GMT+7

10-man Becamex Binh Duong beat Indonesian club in AFC Cup semi-final

Becamex Binh Duong scored a 1 - 0 win over Indonesia’s PSM Makassar in the first leg of the AFC Cup semi-final on Wednesday.
June 20, 2019 | 09:22 am GMT+7

Hanoi FC draw 1-1 with Ceres Negros in semifinals of AFC Cup

Hanoi FC have drawn away with Cedres Negros of the Philippines in the first leg of AFC Cup ASEAN zonal semifinal.
June 19, 2019 | 11:08 am GMT+7

Vietnam moves up in AFC country rankings

Vietnam has gained two places as a result of two clubs advancing to the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) Cup semifinals.
May 19, 2019 | 07:31 am GMT+7

Two Vietnam clubs in AFC Cup semis for first time

Hanoi FC and Becamex Binh Duong FC won critical games on Wednesday to advance to the AFC Cup semifinals.
May 16, 2019 | 01:07 pm GMT+7
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