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All-girl Afghan robotics team in U.S. after visa hurdles

A team of Afghan girls compete in a Washington, D.C. robotics competition after American officials agreed to allow them to enter the country despite ...

Raging torrents rip through resort town as storm ravages northern Vietnam

Vietnam's famous mountain getaway Sa Pa looked more like a white-water rafting course on Monday morning. 

A French filmmaker shows the best part of Vietnam: its people

In his gorgeous 'A Thousand Smiles,' Fabien Ecochard distills his journey across the land of 'epic landscapes and welcoming people.'
March 17, 2017 | 09:29 am GMT+7

Future Shorts Vietnam: Winter Screening at Saigon Outcast

A brand new collection, including a showcase of some local homegrown filmmakers.
March 02, 2017 | 10:16 am GMT+7

Buffalo butchering video sparks online outrage in Vietnam

Knife-wielding Vietnamese descended on the dead animal like vultures after it had been hit by a truck.
December 06, 2016 | 07:59 pm GMT+7

Vietnam Road Trip

A visitor to Vietnam cast animals and locals of the land as his co-actors in this lovely video. 
September 02, 2016 | 06:00 am GMT+7