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India eyes 'fat tax' as worries rise over fast food consumption

Indian officials are considering proposals for higher taxes and stricter labeling on fatty and sugary foods.

'World's heaviest woman' has surgery in India, loses 220 pounds

The 37-year-old Egyptian had previously weighed around 500 kilograms (1,102 pounds).

Short, white men more likely to go bald - study

'It seems that men with a relatively shorter body height have a higher chance of losing their hair.' 
March 10, 2017 | 09:20 am GMT+7

Vietnam slaughters chickens following latest bird flu outbreak

Quang Ngai Province have culled 23,000 birds since last month in an effort to contain the virus.
March 09, 2017 | 12:57 pm GMT+7

Neanderthal used 'aspirin' for tooth pain: study

Natural antibiotic was used to kill pain 50,000 years ago.
March 09, 2017 | 08:25 am GMT+7

Life expectancy study shows many likely to live beyond 90 by 2030

Study sees life expectancy rising by 2030.
February 22, 2017 | 09:26 am GMT+7

Vitamin D can protect against colds, flu: study claims

Vitamin D protects against respiratory infections by boosting levels of antibiotic-like peptides in the lungs.
February 16, 2017 | 08:34 am GMT+7

Vietnam continues fight against its greatest war-era enemy

Researchers call for a regional solution to the threat of drug-resistant malaria in the region
February 15, 2017 | 05:09 pm GMT+7

Female genital cutting has 'evolutionary' drive: study

Women who conformed to the dominant practice in their culture typically had better marriage opportunities and better access to social networks.
February 07, 2017 | 01:30 pm GMT+7

400 cancer patients get free bus rides home for Tet holidays

'It has been a year since I've been home.'
January 25, 2017 | 10:53 am GMT+7

Antibiotics, not dirt, fostered hospital bugs: study

Overuse of antibiotics allowed drug-resistant bug to flourish.
January 25, 2017 | 08:53 am GMT+7

Baby dead, 4 injured in Myanmar family suicide attempt

The parents forced their children to drink pesticide and attacked them with knives.
January 23, 2017 | 04:16 pm GMT+7

Did you eat your veggies? Urine test can tell

This test may also boost the health of people suffering from diabetes, obesity or heart disease.
January 13, 2017 | 09:48 am GMT+7

How modern life is slowly killing Vietnamese

An average office worker in Vietnam only walks 600 steps per day, far below the recommended 10,000.
January 03, 2017 | 03:52 pm GMT+7

Ebola vaccine may be 'up to 100 pct effective': WHO

The vaccine would be available in 2018.
December 23, 2016 | 08:55 am GMT+7