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Thousands watch annual Key West Dachshund Walk

Nearly 200 'wiener dogs' march through Key West's downtown to kick off New Year's festivities.

Your dog can remember what you did: study

Dogs have great memories of a lot of events.

49 Vietnamese killed by rabies in nine months

The country is working to eliminate the viral disease by 2020.
October 01, 2016 | 08:33 pm GMT+7

Dog meat - Hanoi's guilty pleasure

Every bite takes you across the border between right and wrong.
August 02, 2016 | 04:55 pm GMT+7

Fake dogs claim real money in a bizarre case of business

Pet lovers went extremely naive when it came to the cute animals.
July 09, 2016 | 06:13 pm GMT+7

Australia ends "war on terrier"

Johnny Depp's wife cops good behaviour bond as Australia ends "war on terrier".
April 19, 2016 | 08:22 am GMT+7